Happy MakeUp Holidays

JOVI Cosmetics would like to thank you for your support and loyalty during this year… so, here comes a christmas gift: our best ideas for this magic time of the year.

White Xmas

A classic that never leaves, inspired by the nature, snow-covered trees…, by the harmony of the colours of the Earth.

From the runways and decoration, now it comes to our homes, fashion, accessories, makeup… giving us warmth and elegance.

White, green and brown tones will create the perfect combination for the holidays:

JOVI Cosmetics can offer some ideal products for this trend which, in addition to the rest of the makeup range, will make any holiday collection shine:

Combine our Eyeliner & Shadow Pencil or Covering Eyeshadow with our khol pencils, either in dark shades for a feline look, or in light tones to widen the eye. And don’t forget about the nails! With our Nailwhite Pencil you will have a perfect and natural manicure.

Magic Xmas

Golden tones are all around us during this time of the year, either in sequins, in glitter… We find them on our holiday decoration, in our outfits, and of course in our makeup. They are a classic that always comes back.

Golden tones inspire magic, hope, charm… and this is something everybody wants: a magic Xmas!

Combining this shade with a black eye makeup is always a good choice. If you want to add an extra touch of glamour, add small jewellery stickers around the eyes.

Some neutral tones on lips and cheeks will create a balanced result.

If you are thinking of creating your own gold collection, we can offer some products that will suit perfectly:

Automatic Eyeliner in dark tones for an intense and defined look, and Smokey Nude Pencil with brush applicator for a smokey effect. Add a Precision Lipliner with a gold touch on the cap, and our Contouring Sticks highlight+lowlight, you will have a magical result 🙂

Glamorous Xmas

Our last colour proposal is the combination of bright glamorous silver together with powerful red.

These colours talk about pure holiday mood. We say farewell to a year full of light and happiness, and welcome a new one plenty of amazing challenges.

Create your look with this combination that says so much about the holiday. You can apply it to your makeup, or mix it with your outfit.

You will get an elegant look full of personality.

Dare to bright and make a move!

Here we have some products of our range that can be ideal for this trend:

Longlasting Lipliner, Matt Lippencil, Extreme lipliner, Longlasting Shimmer Eyeshadow and Vibrant Eyeliner.

What do you think about our ideas? If you are interested, let us help you 😉

May the beauty and joy of the season stay with you during the whole year! We look forward to continue seeing you around even more beautiful ♥

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