Happy Valentine’s day!

Love has connected humans for centuries. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, all of us enjoy treating (and being treated by) those you love.

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers.

We should all celebrate this day, as a day of sharing and expressing our love to those around us! And to be able to do this, we have to love ourselves first and be grateful for all the little things in life we have.

Give yourself a treat this Valentine’s Day! Cook your favourite meal, watch your favourite movie or put some of our favourite Valentine’s Day make ups on:

If you want to achieve the perfect lips, we offer you a 3 steps stystem: Lip Definer (invisible lipliner, avoids lipstick from bleeding), Kissproof Lipliner (longlasting lipliner, defines the lip and helps fixing the lipstick), and our Pink Addict lippencil (with a velvet finish and a soft vanilla scent).

For the eyes, our Smokey Nude Eyeliner is perfect to create a smokey eye efect, but in nude pearly tones that will give you a more romantic look. And if you want to achieve a bolder touch, then add a good dose of eyeline with our Black Liquid Eyeliner.

Jovi Cosmetics Looks

We propose two romantic looks for the occasion:

1. On a well prepared skin, after covering imperfections with colour correctors for each area, add a touch of colour to the face in a subtle way. Light nude tones (our smokey nude is perfect for this) and an elegant eyeliner on the eyes and shiny and hydrated lips with JOVI Glossy Lippencil.

Add a silhouette of heart to the side of the eye for a curious touch. This is achieved with a heart shaped sticker covered by brown/red shadow. Look at the cute heart that appears after removing the sticker :).

To finish, apply a natural nude blush that goes well with the look.

2. In the same way as before, prepare the skin and work the makeup with natural tones, creating a romantic look with the help of warm tones and eye lining with JOVI dipliner.

In this case we suggest you to switch the makeup trend “a black dot under the eyes” to romantic mode, with a few small hearts.

Finally, top off with a coral blush that goes well with in any makeup.

3. And finally, a combination of the above: A saturated eyeshadow in pink tones, our Covering Eyeshadow is perfect for this and natural but well-marked eyelashes, accompanied by a feline line (Liquid Eyeliner). Mark a dot under the eyes, together with the eyeliner in the same tone for a special touch.  Any fuchsia or red JOVI eyeliners can be used for that.

To finish, full colour lips with a lot of shine are easy to achieve with our Glossy Gleam Lisptick.


Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥♥♥

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