Twist your brand up

Twist your brand up

JOVI makes the beauty routine quick and easy by developing more portable, easy to use on the move pencils that can be applied one handed.

Mechanical twist up pencils are fast to apply because they don’t require sharpening. They are ideal for creating blended looks, rather than sharp lines because their self-sharpening mechanisms create tips that are more blunt than pointed.

Just twist it up, and the lead appears. It is super practical and easy to use.

Select from the variety of time-saving tools that will speed up your morning routine!

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Colour correctors: How to use them?

Colour correctors: How to use them?

Colour Corrector and Correct&Conceal Pencil

How to use:

First of all, it is very important that you prepare your skin before applying any make-up. Follow your usual routine of cleansing, moisturizing, and any other products you include in your everyday routine. If the skin is properly hydrated, you will need less makeup.

After that, it is highly recommended to use a makeup base, that will leave your face shine-free, and will make your makeup last much longer. You can add an extra dose of this product where the imperfections are concentrated, or where your skin is oilier.

Now, it would be very simple to apply a super extra covering base all over our face, right? BUT aren’t we looking for a natural and lively look, after all? Then we only must conceal what has to be concealed, focusing on each type of imperfection and how to neutralize it better.

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