Summer Make up Story

Make up your summer story and live it up!

You know you’re in summer mode when you don’t know today’s date, you drink plenty of water, you start applying sunscreen, you can’t stop to sing along to that annoying summer song, drinks get colder, nights get longer, life gets better and you keep posting pictures of sunshine and cocktails on social media…

Follow our tips to be the prettiest hero of your summer stories!

Choose from 4 inspiration makeup ideas for perfect holiday look:

1. Full colour makeup

If we know something about summer, it’s that summer is the funniest season of the year! We love its joy! And what better way to express it than with a makeup full of life and vibrant tones!

Finding powder eyeshadows that are intense enough can be complicated, but JOVI Cosmetics is here to share its tips: use our jumbo pencils as a base so that the powder is well fixed and concentrated in full colour, or use directly our pencils as pastel or neon shadows. Our Pastel Colours or our Ocean Colours are perfect for it.

Do you want to see how it looks? Here comes the photo with our makeup proposal:

Anna P

2. Natural beauty

If you prefer a makeup that goes unnoticed, but at the same time makes you look perfect and gives you a youthful and fresh look, you’ll love the latest trend that is flooding social networks: Freckles!

You can show off and intensify your own freckles or create new ones and dare to exaggerate. If you combine it with a soft eye makeup, it will give you a very natural look, but if you like something more risky, you can combine it with red lips or even use glitter and create small freckles in silver or gold shades.

In Jovi we wanted to put into practice a make-up with bolt lips, soft eyes and subtle freckles on the nose and cheekbones. How do you like it?

freckles makeup JOVI

3. Monochromatic eyes

The daring trend that persists every year. Make up your eyes with a vibrant colour and embellish your look with bright and summery colours.

What do you think of our proposal?


We have created this look with our wonderful, pigmented and vibrant blue Pastel Shadow, accompanied by our intense black liquid eyeliner. A light touch on the cheeks with the Pink Addict lipstick and don’t forget the shine touch with Glow Highlighter.

4. Radiant skin with glow highlighter

Summer, parties, bright skin, happiness, vacations, living free makes your skin shine. That is why this makeup proposal cannot fail. Completely flattering and natural, a makeup full of highlighter is ideal for this time of year.

Create a rich and luminous skin effect with our GLOW HIGHLIGHTER!


Tip: If you use the same shades for all makeup you willl recreate a natural beauty and healthy skin, creating a harmony of colour on the face.

Well, you see that we are ready … And you? : P

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