Rouge Colours – Xmas 2018 Trend

Bring out your inner queen!

Don´t be intimidated by red lips anymore. Put on red carpet classic– perfect for any occasion and any outfit.

Red is the colour that never goes out of style. Incorporate red lip liner into your makeup routine to express your passion, energy and self-confidence. Red will always be a shade that suit you and never fails to impress.

Instant boost of confidence that will make you own your life!

How to rock red lips

There are plenty of looks you can combine with red lips. These are our favourites:

Look 1 - smokey eye + red lipRed Carpet Look

Do you have a special event to attend to? Do you want to create an astonishing look? This is the infallible red carpet makeup look: intense smokey eyes and passion red lips.

If you add extra-long lashes, the result will be a total blast!

Look 2 - natural eye + red lipCasual look

But red lips don’t have to be worn only for special occasions. They can be a fantastic complement for our daily routine. Combine them with a more natural makeup look on eyes and face, and they will instantly boost your day.

For a radiant and natural result, add a touch of illuminator at the center of the lips.

Look 3 - red lips + accessoryChristmas look

During the holiday season, our agenda is full of family meetings. The ugly sweaters have taken an important place in our outfits during the last years. However, if this trend doesn’t fit you, we have an alternative: combine red lips with an accessory. It can be a hair band, earrings, a fluffy scarf…

For a more festive look, add an extra dose of illuminator on the inner corners of the eyes, and your glance will be sparkling.

Look 4 - Two tone lipsIf conventional is not your thing…

…this is your trend: two-tone lips. Nowadays, creativity and originality play a very important role in our looks, and conventional rules are not followed anymore.

If you use a long lasting product, this trend will work much better. This way, you will avoid the shades to blend between them, and the look will last much longer.


Do It Yourself!

Inspired by rouge colours looks?  Why don’t you try it yourself?

Let’s start with the trendiest combinations!

Mix of colors

Have you ever imagined wearing two lip shades at the same time? Flattering as red colours are, being fashionable is now easier than ever with our Rouge Colours lip liners.

dos colores

With the help of a neutral and simple makeup on the face and eyes, you can mix the colours from our range of reds. Dare to make as many combinations as you want! It’s all allowed!

Look for a night out

Next, we have the classic red carpet look, which attracts all eyes on the catwalks and represents elegance in its pure essence. It’s about combining a black smokey eye makeup with an intense red lipstick.

Anna look red carpet 1

First, start by delineating the eyes. As it is a make-up for special occasions, do not hesitate to mark them well both on the water line and below it and on the eyelid to create an intense look. Then, add a deep black shadow and blur it from the eyelashes to the outside, also on the lower lashes. Elevate the black shadow to the eye socket. Apply a transition shadow where the black blur ends (in neutral tones such as brown or terracotta tones). Continue with a foundation that perfectly suits your skin colour (it is important that the foundation is applied after the black shadow to eliminate the shadows that fall during eye makeup).

Remember to use colour correctors to ensure that the skin is perfect since we are creating an intense look in eyes and lips (take the time you need, this is the most important part). You can use contouring for this look to make it perfect. And last but not least, use the star product of the look and outline your lips with the rouge colour you prefer.

Day look

Dia dia

You can also use the rouge colours for day to day and mark a natural and risky look at the same time. If something characterizes a red lipstick it’s its amazing versatility <3

Have you chosen your rouge colour yet?

Discover it in Jovi Cosmetics!

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