Rebel Colours – Autumn/Winter 2019 Trend

Change the way the beauty world talks to you

Give your make-up an anarchic twist and join the Women’s Empowerment Movement.

Being a beauty rebel was never so easy.  Do not conform, break the rules, have no fear and play with colours and effects for a subtle beauty rebellion.

Experience the strength that comes with colours that will underline your individuality and make you proud of who you are.

Dare to express yourself!

The colours

We’ve been inspired by those women who were pioneers in the female working careers. Initially, women could only aspire to work as the lowest range employees at the manufacturing industry, with extremely poor conditions. Those women defied the world, broke the rules, started a global revolution that is still currently being held.

These metallic shades take us several years back to an old industry, where our heroes started this movement. Dust, rust, iron, copper, an oil lamp, all these elements are reflected in this beautiful range.


Our beauty rebellion can be subtle, or can be bold. Every one of us should freely express ourselves, and we’ve found different ways of expressing our own beauty movement.

Marta (@heyratolina) creates this subtle pearly look on her eyes, and then adds a bold lip to achieve this definite feminine look.

Waniely (@waniely_ventura) knows how to make a statement with this gorgeous look. A silver pearly shade on the eyelid and inner corner of the eye, that gives a wonderful radiance to her look. And a sharp cat eye that frames her beautiful eyes.

Cohl (@cohlsworld) is also supporting our beauty revolution. You only a touch of pearly eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes, in the center of the eyelid, and on the waterline, to create this magnificent look. And of course a pair of long lashes to frame it all!

Do you want to see what we propose?

Jovi Cosmetics joins this trend creating a line of long-lasting eye shadows in ultra-pearly colours, a smooth texture that lasts for hours:

With a perfect colour combination you can create ideal looks for any occasion, using a single tone or mix them. We have recreated a style of strong and determined woman, using the silver shade near the inner eye corner and smudging outwards with the golden colour to finish with the bronze for extra intense look. Remember to line the eye with the black eyeliner and full volume eyelashes.

If you also want to join the trend with products adapted to today’s women, contact us!

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