Eye line! Do you?

Worn by both men and women, eye liner has been used since ancient times initially to protect the skin from the sun or from evil eye, and of course to enhance the eyes and bring them out. The trend set by Nefertiti in Ancient Egypt and followed by Charlie Chaplin, Twiggy, and Madonna among others, is still surprising us today with its versatility. Eyeliner has remained a staple of millennial and Gen Z beauty routines.

Different type of eyeliners

This is such a common product among our beauty routine, that many different versions have been created. Let’s see some of them:

Wooden eyeliner

This is the most classic, most used format, the one which most of the brands have in their range… A lifelong product. It is simple but useful. We can use it to line our eyelids and also our waterline. We can find very creamy formulas but also firmer formulas in this format. Our choice will depend on the precision we wish to achieve in our eye line (the firmer, the more precise), or on the softness we prefer (the softer, the easier to glide on the eye lid and, mostly, on the inner line).

JOVI Cosmetics has a wide range of this kind of eyeliner:

Our Khol Kajal Eyeliner, with extra high pigment content, achieves an intense line that stays for hours. It is perfect for the waterline: with just one swipe you will get a uniform and pigmented line.

Khol Kajal

If you are looking for a high precision, our Precision Eyeliner is the perfect product. It has a firm texture and high consistency, which makes it ideal for an accurately defined eye line.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a very soft formula, this is our Soft Khol Eyeliner. It can be used to define the eye, and at the same time as an eyeshadow, smudging it over the eyelid and creating a smokey look.

Eyeliner & Shadow

One of our latest developments is our Soft Precision Eyeliner. As its name says, it is formulated with ingredients which give it a good consistency, but at the same time a nice softness. It glides easily and is suitable for both defined looks and smokey looks.

Finally, we have a whole range of Ultra Soft Khol Eyeliner, with different finish effects. This formula is very soft, which makes it perfect to use on the most sensitive part of our eye: the waterline. It glides very smoothly, and has a high coverage, achieving a deep and opaque eye line.

Plastic eyeliner

We can find the famous longlasting and waterproof formulas in this format. It is obvious that their longer durability is a clear advantage compared to the wooden eyeliners, which don’t have such a long stay. But they also have a few tiny inconvenient. On one hand, their formulas are always very creamy, therefore we can’t achieve a high precision line. On the other hand, we can’t work them as well: if you wish to smudge your eye line, you have to do it fast and quick after applying, before it dries and settles on your eye lid.

We have different longlasting eyeliner formulas in plastic pencil format:

On one hand, our Longlasting Gel Eyeliner has a nice gliding, and a permanent stroke that lasts for hours. It has a consistent yet smooth texture, which allows a good definition perfect for a cat eye look.

You can see more details of this product by clicking the picture below.


On the other hand, our Soft Longlasting Khol Eyeliner, with an adorable super smooth texture, is perfect for a fast and easy waterline. Now available in trendy colours!

2019_Soft Longlasting Khol_01c

Automatic eyeliner

The product for the lazy ones! If you don’t want to waste a minute of your time in sharpening your pencils, this is your format. Just twist it up, and the lead appears. It is super practical and easy to use. But we also find a lower precision than with the wooden eyeliners: after a few uses, the tip wears out and becomes less pointy. Some models include a little sharpener at the end of the pencil, to give the pointy shape again.

And no better example than our Smooth Eyeliner, do you like it? It is very easy to use, has a high pigmentation, and stays on the waterline for hours.

Automatic Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner

Black Liquid EyelinerWe love this product, it is precise, intense, super long stay… But not everyone achieves a good eye line with it, because it requires a bit of practice and steady hand. However, if you master the technique, it is perfect! And there are thousands of line types we can do with it. You have to be careful not to blink while the product is drying, and once it dries it settles for hours. It is not a suitable product to smudge.

Our Liquid Eyeliner formula, with an easy application and fast drying, makes the perfect eye line possible. It has a glossy finish that gives it a natural look. Click on the picture below for additional information.


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