Pastel Colours – Spring/Summer 2018 Trend

Are you up for the rainbow frenzy?

Milan, Paris, London, New York runways offer a variety of new trends to choose from this year! To each his own!

Here comes our favourite trend:


The brighter the better!

The message we choose is clear: Break free! Break the rules! Make a statement! Get noticed! Express yourself! Regardless what the others say!

Say goodbye to invisible colours and be creative turning your make up into a work of art.  Get the best of the Unicorn trend and fill your eyes with rainbow colours. Be cool wearing bright eye makeup: Neon, Sunset, Yellow, Blue – unleash your imagination and have fun!

How to use it IRL

The possibilities are infinite! Just choose from one of our proposals below, or create your own look:

Lolita look


Combine a pastel eyeshadow with long Bambi lashes, adding extra layers to the lower lashes.

Beauty tip: apply an eyeshadow in cream or jumbo pencil below your powder eyeshadow, it will make the colour much more intense.

Sofisticated look


Give a twist to your smokey eye adding a touch of colour.

Beauty tip: you can combine different dark and light tones to play with the lights and shadows.

Dramatic look

pastelliquid-blue.jpgPut on a statement pastel eyeshadow with cat-eye liner and bold brows.

Beauty tip: smudge the eyeshadow with a brush to soften the lines.

And for those who want to take it to the next level…

Yellow blush

yellow-blush.pngYou can also use all the rainbow shades on your cheeks.

Beauty tip: match it with your eyeshadow, nail polish or dress, it will make your blush look like a reflex, making it more natural.



Get the look with our Pastel Shadow!

  • Express yourself applying Pink Pastel Shadow Pencil all over the upper and lower eyelid to create a bright look. Soften the lines with a brush. Apply cat eyeliner on the upper eyeline and mascara to accentuate the look. Define and fill the eyebrow to finish.
  • Get an innocent but glam look applying  a line with Blue Pastel Shadow on upper eyeline and on the outer part of the lower eyeline. Finish off with mascara and eyebrow pencil.
  • Put a twist of Lilac Pastel Shadow to your eyes-to-kill eyeshadow. Apply in the corner and outer part of the eye and blend in with a darker shadow touching the eyeline for deep smokey effect and blend in the lighter shadow on the outline for a touch of light. Top off with mascara and eyebrow pencil.


Pastel Shadow_LQ

Which rainbow colour are you? 

Let us help you choose ♥ ♥ ♥

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