Choose your own ombré lips!

Who doesn’t like to wear a good lip makeup? Our lip colour can completely change our look. We will get a very different result when adding a bold red, or a subtle nude, to our lips.

If you want to add a special touch to your lip makeup, try with ombré lips! We’ve been seeing the ombré trend for a while, and it seems it came to stay. Ombré hair, ombré brows… and of course ombré lips.

Why is this effect so popular? Easy, because with very little effort we can get a very special result. If we add a lighter tone on the center of our lips, we increase the brightness of our look, and we will create a volume effect.

We have created our range Ombré Lippencil, because we love the possibilities it brings us.

Its creamy formula, with super high pigmentation, blends perfectly with a lipliner pencil or a lipstick. And its beautiful colour range allows us to create infinite combinations.

We’ve created a few looks with our Ombré Lippencil, together with our Longlasting Matt Lippencil:

Which colour combination is your favourite?

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