Multitasking Beauty Secrets

Still can’t find that that extra hour in your day? Take a look at your make up bag. Is it full of products you hardly ever use? Do you always grab the same few products and carry around the rest just in case?

Let JOVI multiuse pencils do double duty and save you some space and time!

Have you ever thought of using a lip pencil as a lipstick and blush, concealer stick instead of primer, foundation and powder, or eyepencil with brush as an eyeshadow or highlighter?

Ready for more tips on how to keep it simple?

Eyebrow pencil / Sculpting

How many times have we followed makeup tutorials to sculpt our face with contouring products?

From the family of contouring techniques, now in pencil format, what we call “sculpting” aims to highlight the most attractive or influential features in the face definition. The two key areas for the definition of the face are the eyebrows and the lips.

The colours that are used to define the eyebrows are usually colours that fit your skin tone and, if you use it also for the definition of your lips, you can create a harmonious visual effect and make your face looks perfect and natural.


Recreating the correct proportions, we will see ourselves more atractive in an almost imperceptible way.

Liquid Eyeliner / Tatto

If you are a tattoo lover, you can try different shapes and drawings with our Black Dipliner.

Its smooth and sharp tip and the intense black together with a liquid covering texture, is perfect to recreate any line in a simple stroke.

Make any effects you want, retrace or create your own tattoos! Unleash your creativity.

Lipstick / Blush

Another multipurpose product that is very fashionable is the lipstick-blush.

According to your skin tone, create a harmony effect using the same lipstick to highlight your cheeks.

This will make your makeup look natural and flattering.

Look at the examples:

You can combine it with the freckles pencil to create an irresistibly tender look.

Eyeshadow /Bronzer

Use the eye shadow that has a creamy and luminous texture like bronzer, ideal for this summer, where you want to have that extra tan tone that favors us so much.


For light skin use honey and beige-pink tones and for darker skin use medium tones such as bronze with a pink hue and interspersing with gold and orange.

We recommend using 1-2 shades darker than our skin tone, to achieve the effect of tanned and radiant skin :).

Apply a thin layer on the tip of the nose, on both cheekbones and along the hairline. Then,  blur the applied base with the help of a brush or with the tips of the fingers.

Voila! Here comes a radiant, healthy and luminous appearance!

Concealer/Eye shadow primer

Have you’ve run out of eyeshadow primer? Use automatic Concealer as an alternative!

The creamy texture of Concealer contains moisturizing elements, which give your eyelids a pleasant and soft sensation throughout the day.

Creamy Concealer

Apply a thin layer and let it set a few seconds, as soon as you see that it is dry, you only need to add your favourite eye shadow colour.

You don’t have to worry about your eye makeup throughout the day, because the concealer works in the same way as any shadow base!

Concealer / Lip Primer

Another use that we can give the concealer is the lipstick primer. Not only will you be able to match the tone of the lip and therefore achieve a perfect finish when you apply your favourite lipstick on top, but it will also serve as a moisturizer and wrinkle filler. And you can even redefine the contour of the lip.

And another trick is to try to work the lipstick well once we have applied it on top of the concealer, to achieve a new tone that will be much more nude and natural … ‘And totally personalized!

And finally, if you have an artistic facet, you can apply the concealer over the lipstick, in the centre or outside, and play with the smudging creating an Ombré effect:

Illuminator / Lip Volumizer

And continuing with the tips for lips, if what is intended is to get a full volume lips, we can use our usual highlighter and apply it on top of the lip, in the middle part of the lip. We will achieve a 3D effect, with an extra brightness, without having to resort to glossy textures that can sometimes be uncomfortable.

concealer stick

If in addition illuminator is in stick format like ours, it will give a juicy lips effects.

What do you say? Do you like all our tips for multi-purpose pencils? As you already know, you can get any of them by contacting us.

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