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More and more consumers want to support the next generation of natural ingredients, buying from safe, environmental and sustainability driven brands and businesses.

Are you one of Mindful Beauty ethical and transparent brands?

Mindful Beauty Jovi Cosmetics

JOVI Cosmetics offers you a selection of Mindful Beauty products: vegan, natural, mass balance RSPO formulas.

We embodied this philosophy in a new launch of various products that can meet the eco needs that the market demands.

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Semi Pearl Highbrow

Mass Balance RSPO formula. Luminous semi pearl easily blendable texture to highlight the brows and add life to the tired eyes. Apply below the eyebrow and blend to obtain a rejuvenating effect of illuminated eyes and lifted eyebrows.


freckles cuadrat

Freckles Pencil

Pencil formulated without ingredients of animal origin, perfect texture to draw freckles and small moles with a natural appearance. Its firm, but smooth and uniform application allows to scatter freckles on the face and achieve original makeup.



Creamy Vibrant Eyeshadow

Vegan formula for smooth highly covering vibrant eyeshadow. Its creamy texture allows an effortless application on the eyelid without pulling and tugging. Handy sharpenable pencil to use on the go as an eyeshadow or as an eyeliner to define your eyes.


natural lipliner c

Natural Lipliner

Natural ingredients formulation lipliner with mineral pigments. Soft and precise texture to define the lip contour and accentuate your pout.


soft longlasting

Soft Longlasting Ultra Pearl Eyeliner

Long-lasting, water-resistant, high-coverage eye liner for carefree days and nights. Creamy texture, comfortable and easy to apply. Ultra pearl colours, and without the need for touch-ups. Formulated with 100% vegan ingredients.



Smooth Eyebrow Pencil

Vegan eyebrow pencil. Its texture is smooth and consistent, perfect for delineating the eyebrows. Available in multiple colours.


correct and conceal

Correct&Conceal Pencil

Highly covering creamy corrector to conceal targeted spots, belmishes, and other intense skin imperfections. Easily blendable texture for a natural finish. Mass Balance RSPO formula.


natural vegan

Natural Vegan Eyeliner

Eye liner formulated with natural and vegan ingredients. Colours achieved only with mineral pigments. Smooth yet consistent texture to achieve a perfect line and a defined look.


Criteria used to define the claims:

veganVegan: no animal origin ingredients formula.

NaturalNatural: formula which contains natural, natural derived and mineral derived ingredients, according to the criteria established by ISO16128-1 and ISO16128-2.

palmRSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil): formula with sustainable origin palm oil ingredients, according to the Mass Balance supply chain model, which monitors the trade of these products.

With Jovi Cosmetics you can get a product line fully adapted to the current market needs.

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And have you seen what hides behind our launch? We have created a very special information sheet … do not miss this video to find out what it is about …



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