Men’s MakeUp

Make-up and masculinity are no longer mutually exclusive. We all want to look our best. Especially if you wake up with dark circles under your eyes before the important meeting. Get the concealer and regain your confidence. You have the right to use the same weapons women do to defend your beauty. Men’s makeup brands are on the rise and we’re here to help the last hesitating men to catch the wave.

Men’s makeup in the cosmetic market

There have been cosmetic brands and product lines specifically designed for men for many years. But they are almost always focused on skincare and grooming products. However, masculine makeup is slowly being introduced in the cosmetic market. The most popular recent launch is the new range Boy de Chanel:

There are other well-established brands that have men’s makeup in their range for a while, such as Calvin Klein:

But the greatest movement is the birth of many new brands which are specifically created for men. We can find more every day, here some examples:

One thing is clear, men’s makeup has come to stay!

If you have in mind to create your own line of cosmetics and / or makeup for Men, in Jovi Cosmetics we can help you.

We have several products that can be perfect to achieve an attractive and masculine range.

We present some of our ideas:

Products for eyebrows

Men are looking for results and speed, so they will love our Eyebrow Filler. Filled and defined brows in one go. For the most demanding, the Eyebrow Shaper will offer more precision, and for those who want a perfect definition, there are our wooden pencils. You can see the full range here.

Products for face

Men worry about the appearance of their skin, but especially about the area around the eyes. A concealer is always a very good option to add to the range and improve the tone of the circles in an effective but subtle way. The stick format is fast and easy to use, either in Jumbo or retractable Jumbo.

To accentuate the face features, we have our Contouring set, with which we can illuminate the parts we want to highlight, and darken the areas that we want to lowlight, achieving a much more masculine features.

Our MakeUp Definer can also be very useful to highlight areas such as the cupid’s arc or to define the eyebrows.

Products for eyes

More and more men dare to line their eyes with a black eyeliner on the water line or between the eyelashes. An intense long lasting khol can be the perfect solution. We have several wooden pencils in different textures for this purpose. In addition, our latest launch, the Longlasting Khol Eyeliner, can be ideal for the male sector.

Products for lips

Finally, a touch of emolliency and homogeneity on the lips, but without a gloss effect, can be achieved with our transparent lip formula: Matt Lip Balm. A jumbo without colour with a wax texture ideal for everyday use.

Do you want to see our products in action?

For the dark skin we used the pink tone Creamy Concealer pencil in the area of the dark circles and on the small imperfections.

We have applied Makeup Definer on the lips and added a colourless lipstick for greater hydration without gloss effect. As our model already has bushy eyebrows, we have only accentuated them with Eyebrow Pencil in black colour. Almost imperceptibly, we have highlighted the facial features with Contouring stick. Finally, to intensify the look we have applied Ultra Soft Khol Eyeliner – a highly pigmented and very easy gliding formula.

Do you like the result?

In this case we have prepared the skin of our model with the same products as in the previous one. We have filled the eyebrows with Eyebrow Filler, shaped them with Eyebrow pencil and we have marked the eyelashes with Soft Khol Eyeliner. On the lips we used the same colourless and shineless lipstick.

An elegant change, subtle and striking at the same time.

Here, we applied concealer in the dark under the eyes area, we used Contouring stick to intensify the features, outlined the eyelash line, marked the eyebrows and retouched the lips with the products mentioned previously.

Remarkable result in very little time.

Makeup, whether male or female, serves to highlight the features that enhance beauty and we can see it clearly on this example where we intensified the eyes with Soft Longlasting Khol Eyeliner:

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In love with makeup men already? Let us know which is your favourite!

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