All in matt, the everlasting trend

A few years ago lip shades came to our life in a matt finish, and far from being a passing trend, more and more brands are launching new products in this line. And as the saying goes, when a trend is good and remains for a long, it becomes a basic.

But this is not all. Market is not satisfied with matte products, it wants them to last for hours, and this is how the Long lasting matte lipsticks are born.

The hashtag #mattlipsick has thousands of entries on social networks, and we can find plenty of makeups playing with the different colours and options that this type of product gives us.

Natural looks

Combining the nude lipstick and a subtle eye makeup you can get no-makeup makeup looks, to wear every day at any occasion, in the office, for a walk, to go out for a dinner …

Daring looks

To create a much more daring look is easy playing with marked eyes and matte lips in dark colours, purple or red.

Fantasy looks

Long-lasting matte lipsticks are ideal for special colour makeups, or even to achieve the latest trends such as Ombré Lips (have you visited the post where we speak about lip shading?)

¡Go for it with Jovi Cosmetics!

As always, we want to help you create a perfect makeup line, so we have launched our Matt Longlasting Lippencil, a new formula that adapts to market trends. With a texture that glides smoothly over the lips, covers perfectly and leaves a layer of homogeneous colour. The final result is lips with matt finish, which last intact for hours and without any uncomfortable feeling on the skin. Oh!, and the formula is also water resistant 😛

Also, the colours that we have chosen for the launch will make you fall in love:

Do not stay behind … contact us and create your Longlasting Matt Lippencil line ♥

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