Longlasting and Mask-proof Makeup


Wearing a mask is a new normal. Here’s how to adapt your make up routine to face mask. Keep your spirit up and get noticed in these challenging circumstances with a full impact make up.

Use long lasting make up for the lips to prevent your makeup from transferring to a mask. The rest is all about the eyes and eyebrows – the only visible features of your half covered face. Use JOVI make up to draw attention to the eyes and make them pop using our eyeshadows and highlighters and don’t neglect your brows.


In JOVI Cosmetics we have different longlasting formulas:

Soft Longlasting Khol Eyeliner

High coverage long lasting water resistant inner rim eyeliner for carefree day and night look. Its creamy texture makes the application comfortable and easy on the delicate inner line area. Lasting formula and no need for retouch makes you forget you’re wearing it. Compatible with a wide range of saturated, pearl, vibrant and metallic colours.

Longlasting Gel Eyeliner

Longlasting, waterproof eyeliner for an intense look. Soft easy gliding texture to outline your eyes with saturated, pearl, shimmer, metallic and vibrant tones that lasts for hours resisting hot summer days and nights.

Longlasting Eyeshadow

Silky and soft texture allows effortless easy-glide application without pulling.It glides softly on the eyelid creating a uniform finish. Available in retractable or pencil stick and in multiple color effects like saturated, pearl, vibrant, shimmer and metallic.

Longlasting Gel Lipliner

Long lasting water resistant lipliner for kissproof lips. Soft easy gliding texture to define the lips with one rich colour swipe that stays put for hours resisting hot days and nights. As for the colours; saturated, pearl and shimmer.

Longlasting Matt Lippencil & Lipstick

Long lasting water resistant lippencil with matt velvet finish. Lightweight super covering texture easy to layer and blend. Once set, the rich matte colour lasts for hours with comfortable sensation without drying the lips. In retractable stick and pencil, we have saturated, pearl, vibrant, metallic and gleam colours.

Here’s how to use our mask-proof longlasting lip products.

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