MakeUp on the go: Waking Up Commuting Beauty

Get that extra hour in your day!

It’s a crazy world out there and we’re always on the go. No time to stop. No time to loose. All of us are desperately looking for that one extra hour that would save the day.

Do you struggle with a morning rush dilemma whether to give up breakfast or make up? How about keeping them both?

More and more of us live in, or commute into cities using public transport. And we all know how difficult it is to hold our hand steady while applying makeup on the bus or train. Growing number of hashtags such as #commuterbeauty or #commutermakeup reflect the need to transform Sleeping Beauty into Commuting Beauty.


Fortunately, cosmetics companies, including JOVI, are well aware of our needs and concerned about our safety. They make our beauty routine quick and easy by developing more portable, easy to apply on the move make up and help you to fill your makeup bag with products that can be applied one handed and straight from the pack.

Discover the time-saving tools that will speed up your morning routine!

Blog_Automatic Eyeliner_06

The retractable eyeliner is our BFF, we always take one in our handbag. Smooth and super easy to apply on the waterline, just one intense stroke is enough to draw the line.

Blog_Automatic Lipliner_01

Line your lips in an instant. This always-ready liner is a lifesaver when in a rush. Precise but easy gliding, with a very nice application, it is the fastest way to line our lips.

Blog_Contouring Stick

This duo of compact, cute contouring sticks, are our perfect companion when we travel and need to save space in our beauty bag. They are also perfect to apply as a base for their powder versions.

Blog_Creamy Concealer_02

They have stolen our heart with their lovely packaging and useful format, these concealers are always ready to use, wherever you are. Besides, the best tool to work with them is always with you: your own fingers!

Blog_Pink Addict

This gorgeous range of pink-ish lipsticks has a wonderful application, with velvety finish and a subtle vanilla scent that everyone loves.


Longlasting, easy to apply, smooth, and smudgeable with your own fingers, this is the perfect mate when traveling.

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