Disguise blemishes, make red eyes look wide awake, prevent your lipstick from bleeding and make it stay put all day – can you imagine all this done with just one product?

JOVI MAKE UP DEFINER multi-tasking marvel pencil comes to rescue!

Its formula is so versatile, that you can use it as a concealer, highlighter or primer: all-in-one.


Watch the mesmerizing performance of this universal pencil…

Among its different applications, our Makeup Definer is ideal as Inner Highlighter. An Inner can be used as a highlighter when in light colours, which make the eyes look bigger and the look more clear and clean. In addition, by highlighting the original shape of the eyebrows, it adds a personality to the face. On the contrary, if preferred, the definition of a symmetrical and perfect form brings harmony and proportion.

On the other hand, eyebrow pencil profiling is a trend that is, defining the shape you want to give the eyebrow before trimming.

Apart from defining lips’ shape with a colour lipliner, you can also use Makeup Definer to delimit with precision so lip’s outer line is accurately marked. It can also be used to mend any imperfection from the lipliner, it’s super versatile!

Spots, redness, … there is nothing that can resist to this pencil because it can also be used to cover imperfections. Applying our Makeup Definer on top of the zone that needs to be covered and thanks to its soft sponge to blend, these little imperfections will disappear in a few seconds. What else can you ask for in a single product?

And the star application of our Makeup Definer is to define the eye shadow. Applying a stroke of a shade lighter than the skin, from the end of the eye to the tip of the eyebrow, and blurring with the ferrule incorporated into the pencil, a much cleaner and more professional makeup is achieved. With a simple touch you can transform any makeup. This is the right product to bring variety and new approach to the cosmetic line.

Perfect to join the natural beauty trend!

Do not miss the video tutorial we have done:

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