Longlasting Khol, ¿Is it possible?

How many people have ever used a cosmetic pencil to line the inside of the eye?

A khol pencil is a must in our make-up bag. When it is not used to intensify the look with a dark colour, it is applied with light colours to illuminate the look and make the eye look bigger.

More and more people want to look attractive, both women and men: artists setting trends, elegant red carpet looks, as well as subtle make-up for the day.

Khol are multipurpose and versatile pencils since you can apply them in the area of the eye that suits you best, both inside and outside. We show you some of the trends in makeup that use this product:


It consists of applying a dark colour to the upper water line of the eye, creating an invisible makeup effect.

Dark water line


It helps to intensify the eye and give it exactly the shape we want. It is not recommended to use only for the lower water line, since it creates a smaller eye effect.

It is usually used together with an outline, since it helps to give the shape that suits us best.

Light water line

As we already know, unlike the dark colours, the clear ones, create a visual effect of amplitude. That’s why, a clear colour applied on water line causes bigger eyes effect.

Colour waterline

Another daring and attractive trend seen in recently is to paint the water line in colours. It helps to create a visual effect of clear eyes.

It is important that the texture of khol pencils is smooth and opaque, since the water line area is very sensitive. But it’s very difficult to get a pencil with these characteristics that lasts for hours. Usually, if a pencil is soft and covering, after a while it’s in areas that we don’t want it to be …


Therefore, in response to the growing demand of this interesting and recurring product, pencils adapted to these important characteristics have been created: They are soft, covering and last for hours. From JOVI we propose our new Soft Longlasting Khol Eyeliner formula. Its pleasant texture glides easily covering water line in the colour of your choice.

Following the trend, JOVI range of military colours is perfect as a khol for all the previous tips. Are you ready? Create your range of military colours in our Soft Longlasting Khol Eyeliner and join our squad!

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