Liquid eyeliner

Already in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, inspired by real cats, started to sport the cat eye look.

Since then, this style has been evolving and constantly reinventing itself thanks to Instagram and YouTube the makeup trends.

A liquid eyeliner is the most suitable for this type of defined and intense black lines, that cannot be achieved with conventional eyeliners. We invite you to try our alternative: Black Liquid Eyeliner.


Its water-based formula is liquid but covering, which helps precision and fast drying. It is recommended to use only on the outside of the eye.

Being water-based, it is not waterproof, quite the opposite. It is designed to be easily removed with water and to simplify cleaning, which always involves extra work.

The formula is 100% vegan, oil-free, perfume-free and pH-neutral. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.


Felt tip applicator:


In the shape of a drop and with a sharp tip, it allows to recreate a delineated “cat eye” or a fine line near the eyelashes. It is rigid enough to make application easy without the need of expert training.


The felt material is of the sponge type, which, combined with the liquid and gliding formula, allows the application to be pleasant and covering with a single line.

The container is in glossy black finish.

A picture is worth a thousand words 

We present you a makeup video with our Black Liquid Eyeliner.

Add your logo and make it a part of your makeup line.

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