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We’ve been using lip liner pencils to define the lips, enhance the lip colour and create the illusion of fuller lips for nearly 100 years now. Despite some unfortunate lip liner trends in the past, we never dared to skip a lip liner in our makeup routine. Let us tell you more about this instant morning face brightener and why it remains a substantial part of our makeup bags. Discover it among our wide range of products:

Precision Lipliner

Define your lipstick with the help of the resistant, uniform and smooth formula of Precision Lip liner .

Its smooth application and matte finish makes it a must-have of your make up bag. Available in variety of colours.


Dare to mix lip liner and lipstick tones. You will not go unnoticed… Follow the latest make-up trends of the 90s!

Soft Precision Lipliner

The colour mix of Soft Precision Lipliner is ideal for everyday use. Its pleasant formula allows you to replace your lipstick filling the entire lip.


Easy to apply, define and fill the lips. It will leave you stunned!

With a touch of natural shine, a creamy formula with moisturizing components and its many shades, this lip liner becomes one of the most desirable products.

If what you value most is comfort, this will undoubtedly be your favourite lip liner!

Intense lipliner


In wood format, high pigmentation and creamy texture, we present our Intense lipliner, a lipstick in pencil format.

Its matte finish and soft formula are easily blendable with the help of the brush. It’s so intense that you can define the lips in one pass.

Soft Lipliner

Wooden Soft Lipliner is perfect to use both in lining and filling the entire lip, obtaining a complete and lasting coverage.

Its soft and perfume-free formula glides and blends easily resulting in a semi-matt finish.

Wooden pencil allows a personalized design of the pencil varnish, finishing, color … Try them for example in extreme tones, we love them.

Extreme Lipliner (2)

Ultra Gloss Lipliner

Shine is in, and therefore we cannot forget our Ultra Gloss Lipliner, a lip liner plastic pencil.

A creamy and shiny texture allows a feeling of comfort and subtlety in colour. Ask us about the decoration options of the pencils!

It is perfect for juvenile makeup or no makeup makeup.

Ultra Gloss

Longlasting Gel Lipliner

Plastic format of this pencil is perfect for its long-lasting formula as it contains ingredients that volatilize. This makes the stroke perfectly comfortable to apply while the colour and line stay fixed once it has dried. You can also use them to fill the lip and create a permanent matte effect.

To avoid drying, it is recommended to make proper use of these pencils by keeping them closed when they are not being used.

If you are looking for a long lasting lipliner, this is the one.

Kissproof Lipliner_LQ

Smooth Lipliner Automatic

There are several types of lip liners, but without a doubt, the most comfortable and easy to use is the retractable pencil. With our Smooth Lipliner you can include in your makeup line a versatile product with a pleasant, soft texture and very good pigmentation, ideal for lining the lips in a single pass or even for filling the entire lip with a matt and intense finish, without drying out.


Lip Definer

With the natural makeup fashion, the trend of “makeup no makeup” also increased, that is, being perfect without noticing that you are wearing makeup. The best is to use a lip liner of a tone very similar to that of your skin for “makeup no makeup”, but if you want to go one step ahead, transparent lip liners are perfect to achieve this effect.

With their help you can keep your favourite lipstick at bay and in its place without seeing the lined lip, which will make the makeup much more subtle and discreet.

In Jovi Cosmetics you will find this pencil in two different formats:

Retractable lip liner:


Ideal to carry in your bag. Comfortable, fast and easy to use to be ready on any occasion.

Wood lip liner:

Lip Definer Jovi

Our classic format with a very soft texture that glides perfectly making the application very pleasant.

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