Juicy Colours – Spring/Summer 2021 Trend

How green are you? Go juicy green with us!

Nature colour spectrum goes far beyond brown and beige. Take sustainability to the next level and enjoy a myriad of nature hues.

Join spring blooming  and summer smoothies with Juicy Colours make up. Explore awakening buzz and summer breeze with joyful and fresh tones. Merge with nature and its playful colours in happy reunion for colourful green future.

The colours

This trend is inspired by nature, but not a boring, monochrome nature, quite the opposite, a fresh and vital nature. Earth and green colour palettes are left behind to give way to juicy and fruity colours.

We have selected a range of 12 shades. 6 perfect for eyes and 6 ideal for lips, which will allow creating a line of fashionable products for the next spring-summer 2021 launches.




Fun and lively colours hit the runways and flood our social networks as the good weather approaches.

Nikkie, one of the best-known beauty influencers in the world, dares with the orange tones presenting a most striking and flattering makeup:

Influencer Zoë Sugg, knows that fruit is synonymous with health, so she plays with her freshest looks showing a healthy lifestyle:

With slightly more extreme makeup, the great Rin Rodriguez (@gothfruits) surprises us day by day with her most extreme and colourful looks (we have fallen in love with her pineapple shirt 😛 )

The very young makeup guru Castania Monet, goes for a total yellow look, perfect for strolling the streets on a hot summer day:


And from Russia, Victoria Alexeeva, presents several makeup options to match the trend.

Our makeups

We have created different makeups with Juicy colours to visualize this fabulous trend.

Makeup 1:

We can combine a thick yellow liner on the upper eyelid, with another intense liner under the lower lashes in a purple tone, with one of our eye liners. To further harmonize the look, we add a line in the flesh-coloured water line, with our Make Up Definer.


And to finish the makeup, a lipstick in a purple tone matching a lipliner, in a matte and long-lasting finish, with our Longlasting Matt Lipstick.

Makeup 2:

In this look we combine a green eye shadow made with our jumbo Covering Eyeshadow pencils, and a precise deep black outline with our liquid eyeliner.


On the lips we add a coral tone of matte finish with our jumbo Matt Lippencil pencil. To give an extra touch, we illuminate the cheekbones with our Glow Highlighter.

Makeup 3:

The most original proposal we have created is a geometric outline on the lower lashes made with our liquid liner, a lipstick in a satin finish with our Satin Lippencil, and the final touch on the cheekbones using a yellow tone in our Covering Eyeshadow formula that, in addition to being a perfect product for creating intense eyeshadows, it also works great as a  blush.


The key to this look is to combine the shade of the blush with the clothes we wear, so the result is much more balanced.

Makeup 4:

Finally, a very creative look that combines multiple juicy shades. On the eyes we apply an eye liner in a bright pink colour, along with a touch of purple eyeshadow on the outer half of the eyelid. In the same purple shade we delineate the water line and under the eyelashes.


To counteract the most extreme colour combination of the eyes, we add a nude lipstick with our Matt Lippencil formula, and a touch of highlighter and blush on the cheekbones to achieve a super juicy finish.

We hope that these makeups will inspire you to create your Spring / Summer 2021 trends.


Finally, we present you our JOVI Cosmetics products proposal, a colourful set of pencils, combined with touches of white in the packaging to illuminate the result even more:

Bodegon Juicy Colours 2

Shall we create a proposal for you? We have plenty of possibilities, combining all our formulas in different packagings, and the most suitable decoration for your range.

Contact with us if you want to discover more about this trend!

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