Halloween 2019

Ronald McDonald, Krusty the Clown, Pennywise – would you be brave enough to invite them to your party?

We keep wondering if they are comical or creepy and what do they hide beneath the makeup and disguises.

They seem to be happy, but are they really? You never know what reaction to expect from them. The wig, the red nose, the makeup and the odd clothing only magnify the uncertainty of what the clown might do next.

How did a children’s birthday parties’ hero become an embodiment of pure evil?

We decided to face our childhood fears and invite the clowns to this year JOVI Halloween party!

Read on if you’re not scared to see how it ended …


For different disguise options we can be inspired by the most terrifying looks.

Here come some examples of the ultimate clown makeup that will make you shiver:

As we can see in the video, we can use concealers as a base, matching up then with some white powder. For the red zones, a red lipstick and a lipliner one or two shades darker to emphasise the lines: nose, mouth, eyes… Highlight also the eyes with bright shades in the center and black eyeliner to define the shape and as an inner eyeliner.

To achieve a more stunning result, as does the famous makeup artist James Charles, we can use contact lenses.

Other impressive proposals:

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Wanna know my scary story? Sejak kecil memang aku dikaruniai indra ke 6. Dan pengalaman yg paling menakutkan buatku itu ketika aku masih kuliah dan kejadiannya di kamar tidurku. Sekitar jam 3 pagi, aku dimipiin miss K alias kunti. Dan ternyata dia jg beneran gangguin aku secara fisik sewaktu aku msh tidur dan akhirnya aku terbangun. Dia tarik2 rambutku seakan2 pengen disisirnya, dan memainkan gelas minumku disebelah ranjangku. Spontan aku lgsg terbangun dan segera pindah ke kamar ortuku. Tapi dia ttp ikutin aku kesitu, seraya aku berdoa2 dalam hati, akhirnya dia pergi juga. Its been a long time since my last halloween makeup collab with my talented makeup buddies @stellajoee @jenndoop and @jessicaaramitha . . . And this time I recreated @makeupbyjlj . I love his version of Pennywise, cos it has touch of graphic side. Maybe this look can be your inspiration for a "beauty" halloween party. Tutorial video, coming soon. Stay tuned! #halloweenmakeup2019 #makeupideasandinspiration #makeuphalloweenideas #makeupcharacter #pennywisemakeupinspired #itclownmakeup #halloweenlooks2019 #bringouttheboo2019 #bringouttheboo #nyxcosmeticsid #halloweenlookbook #scariestorie #halloweenmakeup

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We can blur the outlines of the lips to create a horror effect …


As you can see, there are many ways to dress up as a spooky clown!

However, they all have always one thing in common: the red, white and black colours are present in all of them…

Who doesn’t have these colours ?

These insiprational images helped us to create clown makeup in JOVI, do you want to see them?

Create your halloween look with Jovi products

First of all, we choose a base of a very pale tone in comparison to our skin. For this, our Creamy Concealer is the best option for its creamy and blendable texture .

Creamy Concealer

For the eye makeup we use different products according to their purpose. On the inner line, Inner Highlighter due to its softnes and coverage. Moreover, its light and bright colours will help enhance the look.

Inner Eyeliner



To get the precise delineation that the eyelid and the corner of the eye require, we use our black Liquid Eyeliner that thanks to its felt applicator, allows us to draw a fine and exact stroke.







Finally for the details in red colours and lips, we have used our Longlasting Gel Lipliner for its long duration, ans Satin Lippencil for its intense colour and blendable texture. Both together they help us to achieve the bloody lips effect.

Kissproof Lipliner


Satin Lips_LQ

¡Halloween at JOVI!

Look what a great time we are having… ♥

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And the result… ♥


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