Halloween MakeUp

JOVI Cosmetics dressed up in terror to celebrate HALLOWEEN. No skeletons, nor witches or zombies, the team submerged into the deepest seas to turn our girls into beautiful but devilish sirens and thus reflect the spell the sailors suffer at hearing their songs. But before commenting our terrifying looks …

Sirens: sea princesses or ruthless killers?

Sirens have been famous seducers, because according to mythology they were able to enchant the sailors with their voice with the intention of kidnapping them. When they sang, they seemed to be beautiful maidens, but those who succumbed to their charms soon found out their true nature. The song of the sirens announced in a deceptive way the pleasures of the underwater world.



Legend has it that the sirens lived on the island of Artemis, where the bones of the sailors who had been attracted by their delightful songs lay.

When Ulysses, a man of great imagination, were approaching the dreaded island, following the advice of Circe, ordered his men to cover their ears with wax. Ulysses, who was to curious about listening to the sirens, had himself tied to the mast, and ordered not to untie him whatever happened. When he heard the songs of the sirens he wanted to untie himself, but his companions would not let him. The sirens, devastated by their failure, threw themselves into the sea and drowned.

And here comes our looks!

Following an aesthetic of blue, green and lilac shades, the team of Jovi Cosmetics transformed itself into mythological creatures for a day. How? Using mainly our Pastel Colours, the hair net technique and a lot of glitter.


It is very easy to get a scale effect using a hair net. Place it on the area you want to make up, press it firm without moving, apply the eyeshadow of the desired color and finally, top with glitter with the help of a sponge or a finger,… and shine!

For the lips, an ombré effect is ideal, outline with a darker color and a lighter and brighter color inwards. And, finally, for the eyes, an exaggerated makeup (including eyebrows), using JOVI liquid eyeliner for details.

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