Get your shine on!

If you are looking for a no make-up makeup fresh out-of-the-shower look and a splendid youthful glow, JOVI Glow Highlighter Stick is what you need.

Apply where light touches your face to highlight your natural features with a bright and radiant effect:

Tip or bridge of your nose:

Apply down the bridge of your nose to create an illusion of slimming effect or highlight only the tip of the nose to draw attention to the center of the face.

Above the cupid bow:

Dab on the cupid’s bow for the illusion of fuller lips.

Beneath the arch of your eyebrows:

Your eyes will appear more awake, and your eyebrow shape will be more defined.

On your eyes:

Make your eyes appear more awake by applying to the inner corner of your eyes to create a bright effect and big eyes.


Make sure always apply highlighter above your cheekbones—never below! for a lifting effect and youthful appearance.

On your forehead and chin:

Applying highlight to the center of your forehead and chin will create a more contoured face. Dab onto the collar bones to create sexy definition.

… just apply it for any other area that needs a glow up!

Do you wonder what is the best highlighter for your skin tone?

Champagne and cold colour:

For light complexion, to illuminate and add shine instantly.

Gold and bronze colour:

For dark skin, to add warmth, definition and depth.

Rose colour:

For light and medium skin, to add a touch of radiant colour and warmth.

Shine bright and be beautiful … ♪ ♫ ♪♪

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