Foxy Eyes Trend

The Foxy Eyes trend has become a social media craze in the recent months. Inspired by the wide, upturned eyes of the fox, this style aims to elongate and brighten the eyes.

To achieve the almond-shaped eyes of the foxy eyes look is easier than you think!

Inspired by the fur of the fox, this selection of brown hues, orangy shades and pearly beiges allow us to perfectly recreate the desired look. Combining them we have all we need to get a feline and elegant glance.

Create the foxy eyes look with just a few key JOVI COSMETICS products.


Smooth and high definition twist self-sharpenable eye pencil that frames your eyes with an intense colour in just one effortless stroke. Perfect for both inner and outer eye line.


Multipurpose pencil for infinite uses: eye inner corner and waterline brightener, brow definer, eyeshadow definer… Its matt highly pigmented formula is firm enough for a high definition makeup, and easily blendable for a subtle result.


Transparent wax like formula to keep the brows neat and tidy. It makes the eyebrows to stay put in the desired shape all day long in one simple sweep. It can also be used as a primer to make the brow colour last longer.


Softly coloured wax like texture to shape and fill the brows in one simple sweep. Contour and shade the brow to achieve the consistency and real hair look. The fastest way to get a thicker and fuller natural-looking arch.


A liquid but covering formula, with a felt-tip applicator, that glides on smoothly and evenly for precise application. Quick drying formula that stays true all day, but is easily removed only with water.


Highly covering creamy eyeshadow in a retractable stick. Effortless application thanks to its soft easy gliding texture and handy packaging always ready to use.

We have prepared some mini videos with the application of each of the products we propose:

We apply the earth tone stick shadow on the eyeball, following its natural shape. As it is a creamy formula, it can be perfectly blended with your finger. We apply the same product on the lower eyelid to give depth to the look.

We continue with the stick shadows, this time we apply the orange tone lengthening towards the tip of the eyebrow to create the effect of a ragged eye, we can blur it a little with a brush or leave it as it is if we want a more marked makeup. Like the previous product, we can also apply it to the lower eyelid, very close to the eyelashes.

We continue with the dark tone, this step is essential to recreate a smoky look and get a deep glance. We apply it following the line of the eye, both on the lower and upper eyelids, giving it more prominence at the outer end and lengthening the line.

And it’s time to apply the highlighter. Depending on how much you love this product, it can be applied in more or less areas. For example, we illuminate the look by applying the product to the tear duct, we raise the eyebrow by applying it above the upper eyelid, in the arch of the eyebrow, we can sculpt the face by applying highlighter to the cheekbones, and even to the tip of the nose and the cupid’s bow.

If what we are looking for is a more professional result, Makeup Definer will be our ally. We can apply it under the elongated shadow to define and leave a clean and precise shape. We can end up blurring the stroke by tapping with our finger to soften the effect.

Impossible to get a Foxy look without dark eyeliners. We apply an eyeliner on the water line, we have chosen our Smooth Twist Eyeliner for its softness and coverage. We can also apply it on the upper eyelid to achieve a greater effect. We continue applying the Liquid Eyeliner, this product will give it the final touch. We must lengthen the line towards the eyebrow on the outside and towards the nose on the inside, thus achieving the famous feline look (or canine in this case 😛 )

And we go to the eyebrows. We comb the eyebrow upwards to have a lifting effect with the brush that incorporates our cap. We paint small strokes and fill in gaps with the liner and fix the hairs with our Fixer. We finish shading and giving the desired shape to the eyebrow with the Eyebrow filler and that’s it!

Look Foxy Eyes achieved with our selection of Jovi Cosmetics products ♥

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