Chubby Stick Revolution

This is probably the most effortless and versatile product among the makeup range. Its simple and minimalist aesthetics make it loveable on the outside, its thick and twist-up lead on the inside.

The chubby format makes it an ideal product to apply either on the eyes, lips, face or under eyes, without needing a surgeon firm hand. And as it is a retractable pencil, it doesn’t need any sharpener, just twist it up to achieve the desired product quantity.

A must-have product for all the brands who want to offer a beautiful product for everyone!


Our Chubby Pencil can hold all kind of formulas and finishes: either matte, long-lasting, creamy, velvet, etc…

For eyeshadows, Longlasting Eyeshadow or Creamy Eyeshadow. Their smooth and covering textures are suitable for this product.

The possibilities for lipsticks are endless! For example, our Velvet Lipstick, whose creamy texture glides on smoothly or our long-lasting and waterproof Longlasting Matt Lipstick. As for the gloss finish, the best option is Glossy Lipstick and to easily blend, Ombré Lipstick.

Face products are not far behind. Our Glow Highlighter and Creamy Concealer are also compatible with this new and comfortable format.

Customize it!

Choose between our two body colour options, white or black, to give the product the touch of distinction and adaptation to your line.

In addition, you can choose any colour for the cap, it can be in the colour of the lead, white, black, transparent, your corporate colour, etc.

Do you prefer a gloss or matte finish? We offer them both!

And to print the products, there are an infinity of variations of screen printing in any colour and to achieve the desired design.


Contact us and start designing your Chubby Stick line!


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