E-Gen Colours – Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 Trend

E-Gen Colours – Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 Trend

Meet the E-Gen and discover what it stands for!

Gender identity is being reworked by younger consumers, a multicultural and unconstrained generation, where the value of diversity is as broad as the capacity for expression. No gender, no limits to show one’s identity. Shift between neutral and flashy, bold and soft. Express your identity with non-binary colour combinations. Embrace all the possibilities in this new era of individual empowerment.

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Juicy Colours – Spring/Summer 2021 Trend

Juicy Colours – Spring/Summer 2021 Trend

How green are you? Go juicy green with us!

Nature colour spectrum goes far beyond brown and beige. Take sustainability to the next level and enjoy a myriad of nature hues.

Join spring blooming  and summer smoothies with Juicy Colours make up. Explore awakening buzz and summer breeze with joyful and fresh tones. Merge with nature and its playful colours in happy reunion for colourful green future.

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Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019

Ronald McDonald, Krusty the Clown, Pennywise – would you be brave enough to invite them to your party?

We keep wondering if they are comical or creepy and what do they hide beneath the makeup and disguises.

They seem to be happy, but are they really? You never know what reaction to expect from them. The wig, the red nose, the makeup and the odd clothing only magnify the uncertainty of what the clown might do next.

How did a children’s birthday parties’ hero become an embodiment of pure evil?

We decided to face our childhood fears and invite the clowns to this year JOVI Halloween party!

Read on if you’re not scared to see how it ended …

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Nomad Colours – Autumn/Winter 2020 Trend

Nomad Colours – Autumn/Winter 2020 Trend

Do you keep searching for new experiences, new locations, new you? Does nomad lifestyle agree with you?

Feel the sensation of desert breeze and calm of the desert dunes, live new experiences and forget your busy life. Dare to try the new Nomad Colours, inspired by the flow of nature. They offer the perfect balance for the hectic digital world we live in today and set you off on an adventure of self-discovery.

Immerse yourself in vibrant tones, resistant enough to accompany you during your journey.

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Ocean Colours – Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

Ocean Colours – Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

Dive into the ocean!

Let the beauty of art in nature inspire you.  Feel its refreshing and bright colours lift your spirits and stay optimistic!  Open your mind and absorb the vitality and brilliance that surrounds you. Merge with the electrifying perfection of nature.

Be yourself! Enhance your uniqueness and head off to your next fantastic adventure!

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Rouge Colours – Xmas 2018 Trend

Rouge Colours – Xmas 2018 Trend

Bring out your inner queen!

Don´t be intimidated by red lips anymore. Put on red carpet classic– perfect for any occasion and any outfit.

Red is the colour that never goes out of style. Incorporate red lip liner into your makeup routine to express your passion, energy and self-confidence. Red will always be a shade that suit you and never fails to impress.

Instant boost of confidence that will make you own your life!

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Nude colours – Autumn/Winter 2018 Trend

Nude colours – Autumn/Winter 2018 Trend

And the Best Makeup Choice Award goes to… Nude Lips!

Don’t be shy and strike a pose! Dare to go nude!

Join the growing army of confident women and conquer the art of nude lips.

Black, white, east, west – nude suits them all! This universally flattering shade’s found its way from trend to a new classic.  Feminine, fresh and comfortable nude shades enhance your natural beauty.

There’s a nude out there for everyone.

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