Carnival 2018

The Carnival arrived at JOVI Cosmetics!

At last the moment expected by all arrived. Time for costumes, paints and colours. The children get up early and dress in the costume they have chosen days ago, ready to have a great time with their friends and family.

In JOVI Cosmetics we were not going to be less, so it was time to transform and have fun using our best products.

This year the theme chosen was “Japan” –   country with a great tradition to make up the face. And that is what we want to teach you today, to make an original makeup for carnival or Halloween party in honor of geishas.

Japanese geishas are considered traditional artists who dedicate their childhood and adolescence to learn the complicated work of entertainment at parties, banquets and meetings through music, dance and storytelling.

The traditional makeup that geishas wear is perhaps one of the aspects that most surprise by its total contrast with conventional makeup. In the sixteenth century, the geishas began to use the white paste makeup made from rice powder, although nowadays a treated cosmetic is used.


First, the girls apply a special oil, called bintsuke-abura, to soften and treat the skin of the face and neck; Then, mix the white cosmetic paste with water and apply it with a brush  all over the face, the neck and the entire upper line to the chest, leaving two lines unpainted on the nape of the neck. Then, to avoid that after a few hours the skin shines too much, the young woman will apply white powder. Finally, she will focus on shaping her eyebrows and eyelids, something she will do with caution since the white paste makeup is not like a normal makeup base and can be partially erased.

Let’s see,  how a geisha dresses up at a banquet to dance. Naturally, the geisha will apply the white paste makeup base with a certain touch, very subtle and almost imperceptible, of pink powder to mark the contour of the face.

As for the eyebrows, the geisha will use the red color for the delineation although she will also often use the pink, much more discreet.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of this ancient makeup is the lips. The geisha can paint her two lips in red almost in their entirety, although she will still make them a little bit inside the natural line.

Here comes some pictures of how was the Carnival in our offices!

Full Jovi team, ¿what do you think? ♥





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