Carnival 2019

Carnival festival in JOVI

Can’t wait for the next music festival? Dress up for one with us!

Music festivals are nothing new, but there are different new styles and trends that have been created around these events. The makeups and outfits that are seen in music festivals have evolved as much or more than the events themselves.

In the 60s and 70s, during the hippie era, these events began to become popular. For the first time, natural beauty predominated over any other fashion. Freedom was above everything. Many attendees were even completely naked 🙂
It was at that time that the now famous flower crowns became popular. Only then they were made with real flowers, collected in the forest, and braided to the hair.
In the 70s and 80s, with the popularization of rock and punk, the music became more unruly, noisier, and with it the fashion that surrounded it. Festivals abound in leather jackets, parkas, military boots … In make-up, black smoky was the most popular style, even among men.
The festive look of the 90s consisted mainly of a very pale skin, ultra-thin eyebrows, black eye shadow and red lips “bitten” effect, style captained by Courtney Love.
In the 2000s the fashion that we found in the festivals took a radical turn. For the first time since the 1960s, festivals were considered “cool” events, and famous faces of television, film and fashion began to appear in them. Suddenly, combining waterproof boots with a dress was the most in the moment, as Kate Moss taught us.

And finally we come to the present … The truth is that the boho spirit of the beginning of this trend has survived all fashions. Flowers and braids are still a staple in festivals, although of course we have seen them evolve over time. Every time we find more elaborate looks: colored hair, glitter, impossible braids … Clothes and makeup become something ethereal, with holographic, iridescent, metallic effects, unicorns…

On the one hand, this extreme tendency is due to the popularity of social networks: the crazier the look, the more likes you will get. But on the other hand we must admit that, thanks to the freedom that these networks offer us, we can experiment with fashion and makeup as we have never done before. Any look is good, as long as you feel identified with it. In this way, we can create our own image with a unique style.

Create your carnival look with Jovi products

You can use pleanty of products adapted to your look, for example, if you want eye-catching and intense eyes, with our Longlasting Shimmer Eyeshadow you get a deep and special look thanks to its multi-colored sparkle pigments.

In contrast, you can use our Eyeliner Khol Kajal in its different colours. Due to its high pigmentation, you will be able to make covering and defined strokes with just one pass. Go for white lines! They’ll highlight all skin colours and face!

Define your features with our variety of eyebrow pencils in different textures. Choose your favourite! Of course, we can not forget our black liquid eyeliner, perfect for precise and intense lines and with pleasant application. It’s well known for not moving between the small wrinkles of the skin, which makes it perfect for this type of makeup. You can apply it on your face, shoulders, hands etc. Besides, it is very easy to clean. Try it!

Last but not least, there is no carnival without ultra pigmented jumbo pencils, with an easy to use texture, perfect stroke and incredibly versatile colours, our Covering Eyeshadow. The range of pastel colours is perfect for make-ups of this type.

Are you ready to have fun with us?

And the result…

And you? How did you dress up?


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