Makeup for brunettes

Makeup experts wholeheartedly agree that people with dark hair have the widest choice of colours available to them when it comes to makeup.

In addition to hair colour, brunettes should also pay close attention to their skin tone. Skin, hair, and eye colour work together in determining the best makeup colours.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of hues to see what works best for you. Below, we share our suggestions for makeup colours for those with brown/black hair.

The first thing we need to know is the skin’s undertone, since we can find pink, neutral or warm undertones. This aspect will determine to a great extent, together with the color of the eyes, the makeup that will be in harmony with each face.

Let’s go with a little inspiration …

Cool tones

An example of this type of skin are actresses Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart, singer Katy Perry or actor Jared Leto, who choose makeup according to their hue. Red lips with blue, nude or pink undertones, cold eyes and soft flushed cheeks.

At Jovi we wanted to recreate an ideal look for fair skin with some of our products:

To get this look, we have used the Matt Lippencil and the Longlasting Gel Lipliner liner in the same shade, and a combination of various colours of our Smooth Eyeliner with Covering Eyeshadow.

Neutral tones 

Some of the celebrities with this skin subtone are the actresses Jessica Biel and Emma Watson, and the singers Selena Gomez and Adam Lambert. This skin subtone, together with a brunette hair, match a wide variety of makeup colours. However, we find specially flattering the warm tones for the eye makeup, and the nude tones for the lips. 

At Jovi Cosmetics we have created a smokey eye makeup in brown and gold tones, and a nude lip makeup. 

To create this look we’ve used our Covering Eyeshadow and Khol Kajal Eyeliner in brown shades on the outer eye lid, waterline and lower eye line, combined with the golden tone of our Glow Highlighter on the inner eye lid and inner corner. We have lined the lips with our Soft Lipliner, and filled them with our Glossy Lipstick, both in a nude tone. 

Warm Tones

We can take a look to the makeup proposals of the beautiful Indya Moore, singers Rihanna and Janelle Monae or model Winnie Harlow. Vibrant and extrem colours suit their warm skins as well as bronzed and golden tones.

Here is our interpretation with Jovi Cosmetics products:

For our makeup we have used the Creamy Concealer stick to unify and conceal the dark circles under the eyes. Considering the fact that the more flashy thing was going to be the look, we have outlined the brows with the Smooth Eyebrow Pencil and for the eyeshadow we have used our Covering Eyeshadow.

Create your makeup line for blondes or brunettes with Jovi Cosmetics!

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