Make up for blondes

Blond hair has long been associated with female beauty. Whether fake or naturally blonde, finding the perfect shades of makeup that work with hair colour is not always easy.

But searching for the right shades doesn’t have to be such a struggle, as there are some universal makeup tips for blondes that complement blond locks.

Let us help you find the right colours!

Colour harmony tips

If we focus on blonde’s makeup, we must consider the different tones of skin, eyes and hair.

To get to result something harmonious for the sight, it has to accomplish certain standards:

  • Analog harmonic set: It mixes a close colour range; for exemple the ocre’s colour range (gold blonde) would be harmonic with the orange-reddish tones as much as yellow-green.

In this exemple we can see Stacey Hannant using an analog harmonic set:

Captura marrones







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Recreated makeup with Jovi products


As we can see, this combination of harmonic colours is perfect to create a sweet look.

We have used a base according to her skin tone to unify the tone and make colours stand out; for the eyeshadow we have used the same Creamy Concealer shade as for the concealer, by doing this we create a primer effect so that the coral pink shadow gets correctly attached. Inside the eye, as in the lip’s outer line, our Makeup Definer in one or two shades lighter than her skin, is the best option to highlight the lines. Then, for the lips we have used our Nomad Colours, which due to its soft formula creates a glossy finish. Last but not least, to achieve a more cute result, we have added some subtle freckles with our Freckles Pencil.

  • Complementary harmonic set: This set creates a colour contrast harmony.

In this case our reference model is the actress Margot Robie, who has chosen orange tones which are analogous to her blond tone and complementary to the colour of her eyes.

Captura triangle

Recreated makeup with Jovi products

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Imitating Margot Robbie’s makeup, we have used orange as complementary color, which stands out with the blue of her eyes.

To achieve this, we have highlighted both inner and upper line of the eye with our Makeup Definer, using a lighter tone than the original skin tone. In this way serves as an intensifier of the eyelid colour that we put on top as an eyeshadow and also to illuminate the look with the inner line of the eye. To delineate the lips we have used our Extreme Lipliner and for the lipstick, once again, Nomad Colours. For the blush of the cheeks we have used the same product, which can be spreaded easily with a touch.

Another exemple of complementary colours makeup would be the following:

Captura triangle rosa verd

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Jessica Goicoechea has a warm blonde skin and hair tone and green eyes, which would be analog harmonic colours since they have the colour ladder nearby. For the makeup she has chosen pink, which is complementary to the green of her eyes. In this way she makes her eye colour stand out and maintain a harmony of colour at the same time.

Recreated makeup with Jovi products


For the blonde with green eyes’ makeup, following the inspiration, we have created a makeup in pink hues that are complementary of the green. For this, we have used our Pastel Eyeshadow in pink colour for the eyes makeup. In the lips we have used our Glossy Gleam Lippencil with a gloss finish to create a perfect full lips effect for our model.

In Jovi you will find the necessary products for all types of makeup ♥ Do not hesitate to contact for more information.

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